Where have we spent our money?


We have raised over £250,000, supported over 190 projects…

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  • Part sponsorship of Barcaldine and Appin Primary Schools residential P7 event
  • Purchase of equipment for Loch Eck Orienteering Club
  • Funding of ABCD trophies for OHS annual Badminton competitions for children.
  • Part sponsorship Appin Primary outdoor weekend at Glencoe.
  • Sponsorship of annual ABCD 10K and Fun Run.



  • Advanced Life Support training for Maura MacFadyen
  • Start up costs for new yoga class for disadvantaged OHS pupils
  • BACPR training level 4 cardiac for Mark Fergusson
  • Paediatric Resuscitation Course for Jayne Whyte
  • Paediatric Resuscitation Course for Julie Campbell
  • Paediatric Resuscitation Course for Gilly Bavington.
  • Paediatric Resuscitation Course for Ann-Marie Houston.
  • New Sports Hall Equipment for Indoor Athletics.
  • Sponsorship outdoor education for Appin and Barcaldine 1y schools
  • Sponsorship of annual ABCD 10K and Fun Run
  • Purchase of Laerdal CPR meter for Atlantis Leisure.
  • Part sponsorship of upgraded outdoor facilities for Bunessan Primary School.
  • Funding training for 12 volunteer swimming coaches level 1 certificate
  • Part funding of new community play park on Lismore.
  • Part sponsorship of Lochnell primary 7 outdoor weekend at Ardentinny.
  • Part sponsorship of Dunbeg Primary 7 outdoor week at Lochgoilhead.



  • Purchase of equipment for OHS gymnastic group
  • Contribution to running costs of Oban Otters ASC.
  • Pay start up costs of weekly Parkrun in Oban.
  • Purchase 5 x 24 ECG monitors for Lorn and Islands Hospital
  • Annual ABCD 10K and Fun Run.
  • Funding two children for St Columba’s outdoor activities on Kerrera.
  • Purchase of two new goals for Oban and District Primary School league.
  • Sponsorship of ABCD annual 10K and Fun Run
  • Part funding of phase III of Oban Community Playpark for under 5’s.
  • Cardiac Rehab training for Samantha Payne on BACPR course.
  • Additional start up funding for Ganavan Sands parkrun.



  • Heart Manual Facilitator training for Lisa Herron
  • Heart Manual Facilitator training for Claire Gallacher
  • Benches for Barcaldine section of the Sustrans Cycle pathway
  • Sponsorship of OHS Breakfast Club for new starts and those unable to pay.
  • Advanced Life Support Instructor training for Stuart MacDonald
  • Sponsorship of North Lorn Schools Coop outdoor weekend
  • Sponsor annual ABCD 10K and fun run
  • Purchase of a defibrillator for Mull and Iona Community Trust.
  • Sponsorship of Ardchattan outdoor weekend at Ardgour
  • Purchase of 4 BP home monitoring machines for Taynuilt Med Practise.
  • Purchase of one Cardiocall Heart Monitor for Oban Hospital
  • Sponsorship for 2 staff nurses to attend advanced medicine training
  • Start up costs for introducing BNP point of care testing for heart failure.
  • Purchase 50 pedometers for Lorn and Oban Healthy Options
  • Purchase Propaq Monitor equipment for Lorn Medical Centre
  • Swimming lessons at Atlantis for one year for a disabled child.
  • Sponsorship of Atlantis Leisure Tennis court and multi sport project.
  • Sponsor 3 children for Dunbeg/Lochnell P7 week in Lochgoilhead Mar 2016



  • Purchase of recumbent exercise bicycle for cardiac rehabilitation in Oban
  • Sponsorship of Archattan Youth group weekend at Ardeonaig
  • Sponsorship of N Lorn Cooperative Schools at Lochgoilhead
  • Sponsorship of St Columba’s School at Ardentinny
  • Sponsorship of first phase of Oban Community Playpark
  • Sponsorship of ABCD 10K and Fun Run 2014
  • Part purchase of new minibus for Oban High School Parent Teacher Council
  • Sponsorship of Oban Saints YFC for running costs of Junior Teams
  • Funding Training Course for Cardiac Rehab on Mull
  • Purchase of equipment for Oban Hockey Club
  • Sponsorship of Argyll Pony Club 2015 summer camp
  • Part purchase of new OHS minibus for extracurricular activities
  • Sponsorship for Lochnell and Benderloch Primary Outdoor week at Lochgoilhead
  • Coaching training costs for Oban Athletic Football Club.
  • Purchase of Cross trainer for Oban Physiotherapy department.



  • Purchase of helmets for Oban Celtic Shinty under 14 team
  • Lochnell and Dunbeg Primary school outdoor week
  • Sponsorship Type 1 Diabetes ‘BERTIE’ workshop
  • Sponsorship of ABCD 10K and Fun Run 2013
  • N Lorn Coop outdoor week at Lochgoilhead
  • Rockfield 1y outdoor week at Castle Toward
  • Cardiomemo recorder and flash cards
  • Cardiac defibrillator battery and pads for Oban Mountain Rescue Team
  • Rescue Resuscitation Training for Hospital, RNLI and SAS
  • Oban Scouts and Guides International Jamboree at Auchengillan
  • Stroke Rehabilitation training for Oban OT
  • Purchase of leotards for Park School Gymnastics club
  • Funding IMPACT course for Ann-Marie Houston, for care of acutely ill.
  • Sponsorship of Lismore Primary School Fun Run
  • Sponsorship of St Columba’s School Ardentinny Project 2014
  • Sponsorship of Dunbeg and Lochnell Primary schools Lochgoilhead project



  • Purchase of sports tops for Oban Galaxy football club
  • Sponsorship of pupils form Dunbeg 1y for Lochgoilhead
  • Sponsorship of pupils from Park School for Ardentinny project
  • Sponsorship of pupils from St Columba’s 1y for Castle Toward
  • Sponsorship of swimming training for Abigail Evans for 1 yr.
  • Sponsorship of ABCD 10K and Fun Run 2012
  • Funding for a dietary course for type 1 diabetic patients
  • Funding travel to a heart failure course for Andrea James
  • Bunessan Primary School swimming lessons
  • Sponsorship of pre 5 event at Oban sports Festival 2012.
  • Granite bench at Inverfoila on Sustrans cycle pathway.
  • Sponsorship for 2 physiotherapists to the Annual BACPR conference
  • Sponsorship for Oban Saints YFC for equipment
  • Sponsorship for new boat for Oban Sea Cadets.
  • Funding towards replacement portable cardiac ultra sound machine for the peripatetic service throughout Argyll
  • Funding for Oban Life Saving Club
  • Purchase of roller skates for Oban Winter Festival
  • Funding for Park School Castle Toward week
  • Funding for St Columba’s School Castle Toward week
  • Funding for Rockfield School ‘Jump Rope’ workshop



  • Part sponsorship of Rockfield School outdoor education at Castle Toward
  • Part sponsorship of Rockfield School Garden project.
  • Purchase of Cross Trainer for Cardiac Rehab Classes
  • Sponsorship of ABCD 10K and Fun Run
  • Sponsorship of Barcaldine Lochgoilhead outdoor project 2011
  • Purchase of ABCD heartbeat bench at Inverfoila
  • Sponsorship of Children’s Initiative temporary skating rink.
  • Purchase of personalized leotards for Park school gymnastic club



  • Purchase of 2 granite benches for the Barcaldine cyclepath
  • Funding of ALS Training for new Clinical Coordinator at LIDGH
  • Purchase of Advanced Resuscitation Mannikin for the CHP Resuscitation Officer to be used throughout Argyll
  • Part funding of equipment for Park School gymnastic club.
  • Cardiac Rehab Training for Oban Physiotherapist
  • Sponsorship of pre 5’sevents at Oban and Lorn Sports festival 2010.
  • Start up funding for daytime phase 4 Cardiac Rehab at Atlantis Leisure
  • Funding for pilot project of BNP testing for diagnosis of early Heart Failure
  • Sponsorship of Oban Saints under 16’s football team
  • Sport and Leisure Project.



  • Park After school Gymnastic Club purchase of 24 leotards.
  • Oban 3rd Guide Coy Sponsorship of 21 Guides for International Jamboree.
  • 10 K and Fun Run 2009.
  • St Columba’s School Castle Toward project.
  • Oban Otters grant towards Coach training costs.
  • Oban Primary School campus climbing wall project.
  • Atlantis Leisure phase 4 Cardiac Rehab programme physiotherapist costs.
  • Park school Gymnastic Club purchase of 5 extra leotards.



  • Defibrillator for Luing Community First Responders.
  • Sponsorship of Oban Saints under 15 football club.
  • Sponsorship for Smarties nursery Dance tuition.
  • Sponsorship for Freestyle Friday programme for secondary pupils.
  • Purchase of lightweight defibrillator and cardiac monitor for Oban Purchase of lightweight defibrillator and cardiac monitor for Oban.
  • Sponsorship of National Non Smoking day in Oban.
  • Sponsorship of Rockfield School Shinty Team.
  • Sponsorship for St Columba’s school at the Castle Toward Project.
  • Sponsorship for Schools Out activity programme at Atlantis.



  • Exercise class for Oban ‘School’s Out’.
  • Donation for St Columba’s School Castle Toward programme.
  • Training grant for phase 4 Cardiac Rehab course Atlantis Leisure.
  • 2007 10K and junior fun run.
  • Sponsorship of Junior netball team per Dee Bradbury.
  • Defibrillator for Atlantis Leisure.
  • Paediatric Resuscitation Mannekin for LIDGH.
  • Purchase of Cardiac Chair for Ward C.



  • Sponsorship of No Smoking Day for Respiratory Specialist Nurse.
  • Purchase of advanced model for resuscitation skills for Oban Ambulance Station jointly with Oban Burns Club.
  • Sponsorship for National Heart Failure Study Day for Cardiac Specialist Nurse.
  • Purchase of Monitor/Defibrillator for Oban RNLI.
  • Sponsorship of Oban 03 Football tournament for juniors.
  • Sponsorship of 10K race and fun run.
  • Training course for Oban Otters Coaches.
  • Heart Manual training course for Community Nurse.
  • Advanced Life Support training for 4 Nurses
  • Equipment for Oban 03 Coaches.
  • Training course (Heart Manual) for Connel Practice Nurse.
  • Sponsorship for Diploma in Stroke Care for Staff Nurse, Oban.



  • Funding one staff nurse for BSc degree in cardiac nursing (Caledonian University)
  • Start up costs for school aerobics class (Kilchrenan School)
  • Start up costs North Argyll Stroke Support Group
  • Purchase Easdale Island defibrillator
  • Training grant for Oban Otters Teachers
  • Educational grant for Senior Cardiac Nurse for York Cardiac Care Course
  • Sponsorship 10k race and fun run
  • Sponsorship Emergency Nurse Practitioner at A&E Course (Chester)
  • Sponsorship Argyll Athletic Championship, Oban
  • Sponsorship of child from Rockfield School to Castle Toward outdoor centre
  • Sponsorship of Emergency Nurse Practitioner for International A&E Conference
  • Football strips for Hospital 5-aside team



  • Defibrillator for Oban Mountain Rescue Team.
  • Joint sponsorship of defibrillator for LIDGH A&E Department with Oban Rotary.
  • ALS Training grant for one nurse
  • Sponsorship of No Smoking Day for Respiratory Specialist Nurse
  • Argyll Athletic Club Championship, Oban
  • Sponsorship Senior Occupational Therapist for diploma in stroke care
  • Sponsorship of 5 nurses for ALS Training (Oban).
  • Sponsorship 10k race and fun run



  • New Opportunities Fund “Argyll Outreach Cardiac Ultrasound Service”
  • Purchase Community Defibrillator – Isle of Lismore
  • Sponsorship Argyll Athletic Championship Finals – Oban
  • Purchase Electrical Operated Cardiac Chair
  • Purchase Electrical Operated Cardiac Chair
  • Sponsorship 10k Race and Fun-run
  • Purchase 6 ALS mannequins.
  • Sponsorship Cardiac Study Day for 2 nurses and one physiotherapist.
  • Part purchase 2 Community Defibrillators for Dalavich and Kilchrenan
  • Purchase second-hand minibus for Oban 03 Football Club
  • Sponsorship 3 places for Stroke Team at York Stroke Conference



  • Educational Grant – E Maguire “Cardiac Rehab Master’s Certificate”
  • ALS Training Grant for 3 Nurses
  • Purchase ALS Airway Skills Trainer – Ward B
  • Purchase 48 hour Cardiac Holter Monitor
  • Sponsorship OHS Hockey Team Strips



  • Purchase Mobile ECG, Oximetry Monitor – Ward B
  • Sponsorship OHS 1st year Football Team Strips



  • Purchase of 48 hour Cardiac “Holter” Monitor
  • Educational Grant – E Macguire “Rehabilitation in Cardiology”
  • Purchase two 24 hour Ambulatory BP Monitors