Argyll Beats Cardiovascular Disease

ABCD, Argyll Beats Cardiovascular Disease is a local charity which was set up by a group of volunteers in 2000. It is run entirely by the volunteers who are drawn from the public and health professions. Since its inception the ABCD Trust has raised in excess of £250k and has spent in the region of £200k on over 190 different projects in Mull, Islay, Lochgilphead, Campbeltown. The charity, ABCD, recognises the burden of cardiovascular disease in Argyll and seeks to help in three main areas:

Firstly we provide help to the local NHS by providing medical equipment for treating and diagnosing patients with cardiovascular disease. We try at all times to provide additional resources to complement and enhance the resources already provided by the NHS. We also provide emergency cardiac equipment for communities where there is a need, and have particularly been able to help some of our remotest communities. In partnership with the Big Lottery Fund we have succeeded in establishing a cardiac ultrasound service for the communities of Mull, Islay and Campbeltown, based in their own local hospitals, with consequent benefit to many patients in each of these localities.

Secondly we provide the finance for training of front line staff in many different aspects of cardiovascular care particularly in cases where NHS funding is not available. We also ensure that adequate training is given to individuals in those communities where we have provided cardiac defibrillators so that they can be effectively used when the need arises.

Thirdly we promote and support a wide range of projects and activities which are aimed at improving the cardiovascular health of the population with particular emphasis on projects aimed at the young. We are supporting a number of different sporting activities with this in mind, and we finance and organise an annual 10k race and fun run in Oban. We also support other key health promotion ventures linked to healthy eating and stopping smoking.

To achieve our aims, and continue the work already started, we rely on the continuing generosity of the Argyll public. You could help by becoming a friend of ABCD. If you can let us have contact details we will undertake to keep in touch with you and let you know of our fund raising activities and of the work we are doing. In return we would hope that from time to time you might be able to help us, perhaps by providing some bottles for a bottle stall, baking for one of our events, taking part in our annual sponsored walk or in some other way. Please let us have your contact details if you would like us to keep in touch and if you feel you would be able to help us in the future.